Ephesoft Differentiators

Ephesoft is Smarter

Intelligent Document Capture systems have a reputation as being expensive to both buy and implement. Ephesoft founder Ike Kavas recognised this, leaving Kofax to create an Open Source capture solution that could provide value to both SME and Enterprise companies. The Ephesoft solution is built on a modern web application framework, supports advanced capture and extraction functionality and is provided at a cost that allows for ROI to be met in the first year of operation.

One Solution: Unlike many of the traditional capture vendors, Ephesoft bundles all the features you need from a capture solution as part of the Enterprise release. Furthermore, use of open standards and open platform allows customization in multiple programming.

Price Points: Ephesoft Enterprise has a considerably lower price point compared to legacy capture solutions, ensuring fast ROI and affordable for both large enterprises and SMEs. No Click Charges: Ephesoft does not charge you for every click. It is licensed on a per cpu (core) basis so you have the freedom to use the system as much as you need without extra costs.

Web Based: A modern client server stack ensures that distributed scanner capture is available at no per station cost. A 100% thin client allows operators to process documents using a web browser without need for extra client side software.

On Premise or Cloud Based: Ephesoft is available as an on-premise server, may be installed into a public cloud such as AWS or as a SAAS offering.  This provides immense flexibility when designing an architecture to address large or small page volumes or to reduce the overhead of managing servers.

RESTful API: Ephesoft supports a full set of advanced API’s to allow the customer to incorporate advanced document classification and extraction capabilities within their existing platform providing a fully customized one step capture process.

Pricing Model: The pricing model is flexible.  You can either choose between a yearly based subscription to allow you access you opex budget or a more more traditional pricing model of software and support for capex purchases.